Welcome to our home page

This site has been set-up to demonstrate web site solutions for customers. We offer simple solutions with simple designs which are effective in providing information.

Using, where possible, W3C standard web layouts and markup in the creation of the pages. This enable the pages to be cross browser compliant and degrade gracefully with older browsers.

Using standard mature technology to deliver the pages, we can create dynamic flexible pages to meet the sites requirements.


We normally develop using PHP to control the content of the pages with MySQL database for the store of data. This configuration is mature and stable and with the use of other implementations utilising them for content management solutions, CMS, and bespoke MVC to tailor the site

If you are using a relatively new browser you should notice that these pages should not be reloading but updating their content, this is using jQuery calling AJAX. If not then the pages should still work on older and browsers with Javascript disabled as site supports both.

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